RubyConf 2008: rush, a shell that will yield to you

Posted in Conferences, Development on December 09, 2008

RubyConf 2008: rush, a shell that will yield to you

rush ( as defined by the website is:

a replacement for the unix shell (bash, zsh, etc) which uses pure Ruby syntax. Grep through files, find and kill processes, copy files - everything you do in the shell, now in Ruby.

In this talk you will learn 2 things.

  • First we will go over some rush basics. Like globbing, search and replace, naming files, and processes.
  • Second we will add rush to common tools, such as, Rake, Sake, Textmate, Capistrano, and Thor.

About Nicholas Schlueter
Senior software engineer at RideCharge ( RideCharge is a startup which means shared responsibility, but on a good day be found tweaking UI/UX related things. He has been developing websites for almost a decade. With over a year professionally in many languages, including perl, python, java, asp, javascript, and ruby.

Nicholas blogs at Simpltry (, it is a reflection of his love over the years. Whether it be JavaScript, TextMate, Ruby or the Tech Industry.

Recently, he has been hacking on a new gem call RushMate ( It attempts to bridge rush, the ruby shell written by Adam Wiggens and TextMate, everyone's favorite editor.

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