RubyConf 2008: Using Git in Ruby Applications

Posted in Conferences, Development on December 08, 2008

RubyConf 2008: Using Git in Ruby Applications

This talk will demonstrate different ways you can use Git in your Ruby applications using Grit, the main binding library for Git in Ruby. A basic overview of how Git stores data will be followed by a few examples of using Git as a data storage mechanism in real life Ruby applications.

Examples that might be shown include building a simple Git repository browser in Ruby, implementing a content distribution or ?le backup system, writing a wiki using Git as a document oriented database, or storing metadata (docs or tickets) for an application in a separate Git branch automatically in Ruby.

These examples will be using the open-source Grit library which now includes an extensive pure-ruby implementation of Git, runs the popular Git hosting site GitHub and also powers applications such as Gitorious, Gitnub and git-wiki.

About Scott Chacon
Scott Chacon is the author of the Ruby/Git library, co-author of the Grit library (which runs GitHub), produces a free screencast on Git at, is the maintainer of the Git Capistrano module, presented at RailsConf 2008 and blogs at

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