Contributing with Git

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on December 10, 2008

Source code versioning is an invaluable tool for software development:

  • users can easily track the newest versions,
  • maintainers can easily track down which commit introduced a bug (often making it easier to come up with a fix),
  • new developers get more documentation than just a big chunk of source code,
  • etc

In my talk I want to stress the importance of source code versioning in a related context: when contributing changes to an Open Source project, which is typically a moving target, it can take a few revisions of the patches until they are accepted. I present several scenarios and workflows, and describe how Git can help with them.

Speaker: Johannes Schindelin
Johannes studied mathematics with a strong bias to number theory, trying to stay away from applied science as far as possible. Failing, he went on to a software company, where he gave up after finding that code quality played a lower role than pure politics. So he went back to university (Wuerzburg, Germany) to get a PhD in neurogenetics, and after a brief stint at psychology (St Andrews, UK) he now works on image processing (MPI Dresden, Germany).

Google Tech Talks
October 27, 2008

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