Instant InDesign 1: Combining Style Sheets to Automate Formatting

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 09, 2008

Instant InDesign 1: Combining Style Sheets to Automate Formatting

If you haven't ventured far beyond the basic use of paragraph and character styles, you'll be impressed by InDesign's ability to combine multiple types of style sheets into a magic button that can apply several levels of formatting in just one click of the mouse.

Formatting text and objects can be a tedious and time-consuming process. When setting up a template, it's important to strategically setup its style sheets to automate as much formatting as possible. The more predictable the design, the easier this is. In this episode, you'll learn to efficiently create paragraph, character, and object styles. You'll also learn how to setup a nested style and utilize the Next Style option.

After watching this episode, you might be interested in practicing what you've learned. So, I've made the same files that I used during the presentation available for download. After becoming a member of, you'll be able to download the files.

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