Instant InDesign 3: Creating a Basic XML-ready Template

Posted in Graphics, Web Technologies, Podcasts on December 09, 2008

Instant InDesign 3: Creating a Basic XML-ready Template

If you've been using InDesign for a while, chances are you've heard at least some of the buzz surrounding XML. It seems that everyone is using it lately. Web developers, database developers, programmers, scientists, and even desktop publishers are taking advantage of XML.

What is this "magic" that XML seems to have? Should you care about it? Well, with all the hype going around, you can't afford to ignore XML any longer. In my opinion, every graphic designer should have at least a basic understanding of what XML is and how you can work with it in Adobe InDesign. This episode is designed to introduce you to the world of XML and show you how to create an XML-ready template that automates the production of a set of business cards.

If you're interested in learning even more about XML, you'll definitely want to read Chapter 16 in Instant InDesign. This chapter focusses exclusively on how to automate layouts with XML. And for a deep dive into XML, check out A Designer's Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML by James Maivald and Cathy Palmer. This book was written specifically for graphic designers. It includes nine hands-on tutorials and downloadable lesson files, so you'll be sure to learn a lot!

After watching this episode, you might want to practice creating the template yourself. After becoming a member of, you'll be able to download the demonstration files.

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