Massively Multiplayer Open Source Game Development

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Networking, Science, Development on December 10, 2008

An MMORPG project is challenging for any development team, let alone a distributed team of "amateur" volunteers. This talk will explore the internal design of the FOSS MMO project called PlaneShift, and how that design was influenced by the strengths and weaknesses of the team structure and the community. Topics will include server design, network topology, NPC AI and management and player security, among others.

Speaker: Keith Fulton
Keith Fulton is the CTO at ChoicePay, Inc. in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is an electronic payments company. In his spare time, he has been the principal architect on the PlaneShift project since 2001, along with dozens of other contributors. PlaneShift has over 500,000 registered accounts and maintains a small, tight-knit community of players, fans and developers. The game is entirely written in C++ under the GPL.

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October 16, 2008

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