Practical Thin Server Architecture Using Dojo

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Frameworks, Web Technologies, Development on December 10, 2008

Dojo is arguable the most feature-complete ajax toolkit today. Using Dojo's data stores to create a clean separation of concerns from the server-side, this talk gives practical advice for impementing all rendering of data in the browser, leading to a much thinner server, which focus on business-logic only.

Speaker: Peter Svensson
Peter is a Java and Ajax developer active in the Dojo Ajax community. His controversial Thin Server Architecture is not a new idea, but hopes to save time and complexity from todays fast-paced web application development schedules.

He lives in Stockholm Sweden in a beautiful house house with his wife, two kids and three cats. He has too many side projects, but is always open for new ones. He probably reads more SF than you do (Since he doesn't have a drivers license).

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October 24, 2008

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