RabbitMQ: An Open Source Messaging Broker That Just Works

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development, Frameworks on December 09, 2008

RabbitMQ implements AMQP, the emerging standard internet protocol for business messaging. It also support numerous bridges to other messaging and internet protocols so is highly adaptable to many use cases. The core server is implemented in Erlang which is well known for delivering a highly scalable and stable environment for applications that involve messaging. When JP Morgan Chase introduced AMQP, Erlang seemed an obvious implementation choice. This talk will explain the rationale of this decision in detail and describe the technology and architecture of the server. Today RabbitMQ is used in solutions across multiple platforms and client languages such as Java, C#/.NET, Ruby, Python and Erlang.

Come to this talk if you want to hear about:

  • Why did we choose Erlang?
  • How is RabbitMQ implemented?
  • Who uses RabbitMQ and why?
  • What will future designs do differently based on experiences in building and maintaining RabbitMQ?
  • How does the AMQP wire protocol compare to Protocol Buffers and RPC mechanisms in terms of latency, efficiency and scalability?
  • How does AMQP compare to XMPP?
  • How does the XMPP over AMQP bridge work and how are we using it for federated, open microblogging?

Speaker: Alexis Richardson, Matthias Radestock, Tony Garnock-Jones, Ben Hood

Google Tech Talks
September 25, 2008

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