GAMEFACE : Developing Typefaces for the Xbox 360 and Other Devices

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The Xbox 360 game platform was released with a great deal of fanfare surrounding its new product design and user interface. The developers saw the need for a tight brand consistency with print, packaging, and product interface, and chose to commission a new typeface family for use throughout the brand. Steve presents the path to the Xbox 360's new look from the type designer's perspective: the evolution of the product, the design brief, the creative process, and the unique challenges of developing a font for less than optimal screen displays. Steve also discusses the business and technology of fonts, the work for the Android platform and, most importantly, why type matters in an age of multimedia and text messaging.

STEVE MATTESON is the Director of Type Design for Ascender Corporation and has created fonts for use in various screen display environments and print publishing since 1987. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, Steve has an extensive background in typography, design and printing which he has applied to his development of high quality typefaces.

His work can be found in user interface designs (such as Windows Vista, Xbox 360 and Google's Android Platform); in publishing (such as Pescadero Pro, Andy and Endurance Pro); and for corporate branding (such as Symantec, Microsoft and Alcon Labs). He resides in Louisville, CO with his wife, 2 kids and 2 Labrador Retrievers.

A partial showing of Steve' Portfolio can be found here: and here:

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