PixelPerfect #80: How To Create a Virtual Pool Table Using Photoshop

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 17, 2008

Bert creates an 8-ball on a pool table from scratch with Adobe Photoshop. The pool table is made using the noise filter, pixelate>facet feature and the gradient tool.

This week, Bert creates an 8-ball and pool table out of thin air. The pool table is made using the noise filter, facet pixilate filter and the gradient tool (including radio gradient and linear gradient). Bert also uses the gradient tool (radio and linear) transforms a plain circle into a three dimensional 8-ball. Shadows on the pool table and 8-ball are simply made with a mix of the warp tool, gaussian blur filter and a mask. Finally, Bert puts the table in perspective by creating his own gradient using the alpha channel and lens blur filter

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Tags: Photoshop, Design, Revision3, PixelPerfect