PixelPerfect #85: Pimp Your Ride... In Photoshop

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 17, 2008

Use brush tools, gradient, filters and more to create an awesome automobile headlight, and more.

This week, Bert shows a picture of a red truck to demonstrate how to add intricate detail, specifically on the car headlight. First, Bert creates a the shape of the headlight as a white circle and uses the layer as a base. Within the bulb, rounded lines are added by using the pen tool, alpha channel, stroke effect and gaussian blur filter. Bert adjusts the color and effects within the bulb (with the gradient tool and dodge/burn tool) and distorts the background (with the smudge tool and liquify filter). To add graininess to the image, add the noise filter with the blur more filter.

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Tags: Photoshop, Design, Revision3, PixelPerfect