RailsConf Europe 08: Meet the Sun You Don't Know

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks on December 17, 2008

You think Sun is the Java company. Enterprise Edition. Steak and strippers. But Java’s only part of the story, and the story is changing every day. In ten minutes, you’ll get a whirlwind tour of a different Sun, one that gives hardware breaks to startups, open sources cornerstone software like Solaris, OpenJDK, ZFS and DTrace, and actively funds Ruby projects on and off the JVM. You may not know this Sun yet. But you guys really need to meet.

About Nick Sieger
Nick Sieger is a staff engineer at Sun Microsystems where he has been working on a team building a large JRuby on Rails application. He is a member of the JRuby core team, and is viewed as an expert in Rails deployment in a Java environment. He has been programming Ruby for three years, and Java for seven. He created and co-maintains the JDBC adapter for ActiveRecord that JRuby on Rails uses for database connectivity. He maintains a blog on Ruby and JRuby-related topics at http://blog.nicksieger.com/.

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