How Cultural Competency and Geoleadership Merge

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Science on December 18, 2008

This presentation will highlight the publication of the new book, Global Business Leadership (Elsevier, 2009) by examining the dynamic role of leadership from an intercultural perspective. Learning about how other cultures both define and exert leadership is crucial in gaining and maintaining global market share. Intercultural knowledge in this sense denotes how other cultures approach concepts such as ambiguity and change the means to the unspoken side of business. Such intangible concepts can only be grasped through stepping back and examining the cultural underpinnings of another's background and development. This new book concentrates on the Geoleadership Model which highlights the seven variables necessary for US business leaders to succeed in global operations. The seven Cs of geoleadership include culture, care, communication, consciousness, contrasts, context, and change. A panel of intercultural experts participated in the first ever Web-based Delphi study convened to determine these business leadership competencies from an intercultural perspective.

Speaker: Eileen Wibbeke
Dr. E. S. Wibbeke spent twenty years in management for Fortune 500 firms such as Xerox, Novell, and Siebel Systems, mainly in Silicon Valley. Dr. Wibbeke teaches global leadership courses for several leading schools, including the University of Liverpool.

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December 12, 2008

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