Mastering Rails Forms: Free Preview

Posted in Development, Frameworks on December 18, 2008

Mastering Rails Forms: Free Preview

Forms are crucial to how users interact with your site. You can slap a form on a web page in record time with Rails, but basic forms just get you by. For a better user experience, you’ll want to customize your forms and create interplay between your models. Learn how to take your forms to the next level from Ryan Bates, one of the most experienced Rails programmers (and screencasters) in the community.

After watching these video tutorials, you’ll have moved beyond the basic forms used by the average Rails developer. You’ll not just know how to create better Rails forms, you’ll also understand why they work. That type of in-depth knowledge will enable you to create better forms in less time, and quickly fix any problems. On every Rails application you work on, you’ll be able to confidently apply the techniques the pros use to design full-featured forms with less code.

Whether you’ve been using Rails for a few months or a few years, you’ll likely learn something new in each of these episodes. In addition to the videos, you can also download the source code for each episode so you can experiment on your own. All the source code is based on the latest version of Rails (2.2.2).

Throughout this series, we’ll build a pizza parlor application. You can choose from one of the house pizzas, or create your own custom pizza via a form. You can also search for pizzas that other people have created.

Watch a free sampler movie of this screencast series. (5 min, QuickTime | iPhone/iPod | Ogg)

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