PixelPerfect #96: Photoshop Pharaohs: Building an Egyptian Room

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 18, 2008

Bert goes back to Ancient Egypt this week and creates an Egyptian room from scratch

Bert creates an Egyptian room this week with various Photoshop elements.

First, Bert creates a sky filled with stars by implementing the Noise and Blur filter, and then adjusting the amount of noise with levels.

To create a flame, Bert uses brushes and the smudge tool, and then colorizes the light with bright yellow and red.

For the ancient wall, Bert first fills the wall with color with the radio gradient. Then, Bert uses the Texturizer-Sandstone to give the wall a stone-like texture. He creates a window in the wall using the rectangle tool, mask. Bert then inverts the mask to reveal a hole in the wall. To roughen the edges of the wall, Bert uses the brush stroke and adjusts the hue/saturation. Then Bert distorts the wall (Transform-Distort) to create an edge for the window.

Bert makes a base for a pillar on the window by using the circle tool, filling it with a golden color and then duplicating the layer numerous times. He adds additional tones with the dodge/burn tool. And on the layer on top, Bert creates the pillar with the rectangle tool and circle tool. Bert adds a marble texture using the render clouds and render difference clouds to create a marble-like pattern. To make the pillar curl inward, Bert uses the warp tool.

Bert then creates bricks on the wall by creating a brush, adjusting the brush in the brush engine and then adjusting the shape dynamic. Bert adds the brush as a straight line using shift+ctrl+click. Bert then gives the lines layer styles for effect (bevel and emboss).

To create the bowl to hold the flame with the pen tool, layer styles and gradient.

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