Screencasters Episode 078: Charts and Graphs

Posted in Graphics on December 19, 2008

Screencasters Episode 078: Charts and Graphs

In this episode I will demonstrate how to import a graph or chart and tweak it up a bit using Inkscape 0.46.

This episode utilizes the Gnumeric spreadsheet program which can export graphs or charts in SVG format very easily. I’m not sure if other spreadsheet apps (like OpenOffice Calc or MS-Excel) have this capability but I think Gnumeric is a great spreadsheet app anyway. I find it relatively lightweight and capable enough for many of my spreadsheet needs. I use it both on my Linux machine at home and on my Windows XP box at work.

The song in the intro is by Brad Senne under the project name “Beight” and is called “Parallels”. You can find it at

by Richard Querin

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Tags: Design, Charts, Screencasters, Inkscape