Tekzilla #64: Build a Photo Studio, Kill a Zombie PC, G1 vs. iPhone, 2009 Tech!

Posted in Graphics, Mobile, Operating Systems, Podcasts on December 22, 2008

Tools for the iPod DJ, Killing Botnets Over The Network vs. Antispyware, Turn by Turn Nav (and Hulu!) on Smartphones, The Speech Accent Archive, HDTV and GPU Tech to watch for in 2009

Turn by turn navigation... when will the G1 or iPhone have it? (Has everybody forgotten about the Blackberry?) Can I watch Flash video like Hulu on either phone? Will Google Maps ever offer real time nav? How about third party browsers like Opera?

And the big question: what's the best resource for comparing wireless networks like ATT, Sprint and Verizon and T-Mobile

Bill from Chicago fired out some great smart phone questions, so we tackle 'em one by one!

This week's Freebie Download Pick is Exact Audio Copy, the most precise CD ripping tool we know of... if you want to get all audiophile about digitizing your favorite tunes, take the time to use EAC! (And if you want the fastest and best results, check out these EAC Tips & Tricks.

Sponsor Deal: Get $10 bucks off an Intel Core i7 processor by using the coupon code TEKZILLA when you shop at MWAVE.com! (Like we say on the show, please support Tekzilla by supporting our sponsors!)

The best deals on HDTVs for every price range? That was so last week! We've got PCMag's Robert Heron back on to talk about the big HD trends to look out for in 2009! (Catch more of Robert every Thursday at Noon Pacific on DL.TV!

botnet problems: can you clean your housemates zombie PC over the network from your Mac? Dave in Boston has an interesting question.

We want to know why he doesn't just sneak in there with a copy of Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware 6.0 or Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus 6 and get medieval on that thing!

Sponsor Message: If you're hankering for some fun on the go... check out the PSP-3000. Sporting an ultra crisp super-wide display this portable 3D entertainment system is now available in The Ratchet and Clank Entertainment Pack! Please... support Tekzilla by supporting our sponsors!

This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough" is The Speech Accent Archive, George Mason University's epic library of recordings of English accents submitted from arond the globe. Compare Staten Island to Brisbane, a native speaker in LA to a non-native speaker in China. You'll find endless delight and amusement in the differing speech patterns people use for the exact same words and sentences, and you can even submit your own!

ExtremeTech's Jason Cross has the scoop on what folks should expect to see in the graphics card and processor market next year!

Sponsor Message: The National Campaign Against Drunk Driving wants to remind you that alcohol impaired driving was involved in 32% of all the motor vehicle traffic fatalities in the US on 2006... and it's totally preventable! Don't drink and drive, and please, designate a sober driver before you go out!

Ever since Veronica and Patrick asked you if you wanted to see a DIY Photo Studio, we've been getting requests... so we've built a Macro Studio for this show based on the Strobist's most excellent How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio. What a little tissue paper can do will amaze you!

Patrick totall needs to dump his 125W incandescent lights for a trio of 300W Halogen lights!

George is looking for an iPod mixer so he can do some serious DJing in his dorm... Veronica's favorite is the Numark's iDJ "compact mixing console for Apple iPod... and she's got even more ideas for DJing with the iPod on the show!

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