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Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on December 29, 2008

Tim, Founder of the Thousand Parsec project, will explore the universe of Free and Open Source computer games, drawing on his personal experience as a case study for successfully building and contributing to an Open Source game project. Many areas will be covered including many which are of interest to people who don't normally play games! Discover the variety and creativity of some existing FOSS games, learn about how commercial games are using FOSS and finally, *how to start your own game project*.

Speaker: Tim Ansell
Tim Ansell has given talks about FOSS gaming at a number of conferences and organised the Gaming Miniconf at 2007 and 2008.

Tim is an avid FOSS game developer, founding the Thousand Parsec project 7 years ago in 2001. Originally getting involved in FOSS development via a game project called WorldForge, he now believes that games are a very important part of the FOSS ecosystem.

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Google Tech Talks
June 6, 2008

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