The story of One Thousand Paintings – "The number is the art is the limit is the price"

Posted in Conferences, Companies on March 21, 2009

"One number, one painting - the number is the art is the limit is the price." is a truly global art project that has received worldwide media coverage (BBC, Wired, BoingBoing, and many others). On May 30th and 31st 2006 alone, 322 paintings were sold - most likely the highest number of unique, handmade paintings sold on the internet within such a short time. Since then, close to 800 paintings have been shipped to 26 countries. In his talk, Marcel Salath, the creator of One Thousand Paintings, will tell the story behind the project that started as a thought experiment in the heart of Europe, and took him on a trip around the world, eventually bringing him to Mountain View. He'll talk about how the project started, the personal stories behind each number, developing a secondary re-sale market, and many other aspects at this intersection of art, technology, and marketing.

This talk will be taped.

Speaker: Marcel Salathé (Sala)
Marcel Salathé (a.k.a. Sala) has a PhD in theoretical biology and is currently a research fellow at Stanford University. Most bloggers know him for his "webpages as graphs" applet that transformed millions of otherwise ugly webpages into beautiful graphs. His project has been a worldwide success with about 800 paintings sold in 26 countries, and was featured by BoingBoing, the BBC, Wired and many others. He recently moved from Zurich, Switzerland to San Jose, California.

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