Tekzilla #65: Top Ten Computing Tips of 2008!

Posted in Companies, Operating Systems, Mobile, Podcasts on December 29, 2008

Firefox, Windows, Google, iTunes, OS X... Tekzilla's Ten Most Popular Tips of 2008 is guaranteed to make your digital life easier, simpler and faster!

Tekzilla's Ten Most Popular Tips of 2008 is jam packed full of tips for Firefox, Windows, Google, iTunes and OS x... these are the most popular Tekzilla Daily tips gathered together all in one show!

Where's Veronica? Visiting friends and family back East for the holidays.

What kind of tips are we talking about? Try:

  • Speeding up file transfers in Windows.
  • Moving music off your iPod.
  • What's taking up space on your hard drive?
  • Finding out what -exactly- is on your PC. (Inventory that Windows machine!)
  • Speed Browsing in Windows.
  • Vista Power Button: make it more useful.

More tips in the show!

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