PixelPerfect #109: What's New in CS4 - Part 2 of 3

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on January 06, 2009

Adobe Photoshop's Principal Product Manager joins Bert again to continue explaining lots of the new features in CS4 (Creative Suite 4).

Included is discussion about: 
  • Camera Raw (over 200 formats natively supported inside of Photoshop)
  • Simple painting and graduated filer/gradient tools inside the RAW environment (the cool thing about doing it in RAW is that all the settings are non-destrictive - same as some of the features in Adobe Lightroom)
  • Dial in adjustments using brushing tools in camera RAW
  • A plugin called pixel bender that harnesses the power of the GPU to let you do a ton of things on the fly (look for the pixel bender at labs.adobe.com)
  • Applying photos as a texture onto a 3D surface
  • 3D navigator tool for rotating on multiple axes
  • Controlling lights and sources of light in 3D images
  • Painting Directly on 3D surfaces
  • Mixing 2D and 3D together - applying 2D imagery to a 3D environment

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