Tekzilla #66: Camino: Better Than Firefox, Best External Drive, HP TouchSmart PC, Super Subwoofer

Posted in Operating Systems, Mobile, Podcasts on January 06, 2009

Checklist for a new PC. Hard Drive Speed vs. Size, SmallNetBuilder, Roll your own backup, What does Gigahertz mean?

New PC? Check out Make the Most of Your New PC, from PCMag.com for a great list of things to do after you get that new PC out of the box.

Andrew's looking to soup up the Atom processor in his new Netbook... we'd max out the memory, and update all your drives since you've already deleted the shovelware you don't want.

What exactly -does- Hertz or Gigahertz mean when you're talking about computer chips? Good question, Mark. It's the basic unit of frequency in the International System of Units, and it's the number of Cycles per Second as it applies to your processor's clock rate.

Free Download Pick: Camino, an open source, OS X optimized browser based on Mozilla's Gecko engine. This cousin to Firefox works on both Power-PC and Intel based Macs, and it's use of the Aqua interface helps it fit in seamlessly with your other Mac apps. Veronica's always been a huge supporter of Firefox, but finds Camino runs better on OS X... and Mac lovers will find the keychain access for passwords online, and the integration of enhanced AppleScript support especially useful!

Mark wants "the best external hard drive to get for backing everything on my computer. Software, documents, files, drivers,and OS (XP). Like ghosting my system." Veronica loves Western Digital's My Book, while Patrick usually drops the biggest Seagate drive he can afford in the cheapest external USB case his local computer shop has in stock.

Should Carlos go with a bigger hard drive, or a faster spindle speed? A 7200RPM drive might sound faster than a 5400RPM (it's spinning faster, right?) ... but if the 5400 RPM drive has a much higher areal density, it might move more bits under the head of the drive even tho it spins slower!

Send us a video question! All you need to do is record yourself in front a video camera asking a question no longer than 15 seconds. Then up load them to YouTube, and email us the link with "Video Question" in the subject line. Thanks!

This week's Website We Can't Get Enough Of is Small Net Builder, an absolute treasure trove of networking information, from troubleshooting guides for wireless networking, network security how-to's, news on the latest developments in networking, and, best of all, tons of reviews and benchmarks of the latest networking products! (Check out the performance charts, so so useful when you're shopping!)

HP's TouchSmart PC: You asked, so we've got a demo and review of this all in one PC with the giant touchscreen.

Kevin twittered... "I've been looking for an alternative to CyberLink PowerDVD 8 for Blu-ray playback... you should do a round up on Tekzilla!"

Patrick's left PowerDVD for Arcsoft's TotalMedia Theater, which brings Blu-ray and HD DVD playback to your PC, and, better yet, integrates it into the Windows Media Center!

Jim's looking for a good subwoofer in the $300 - $500 range; he's got Klipsch speakers and was going to buy a Klipsch sub but read some so so reviews for their mid to low end line. Jim also asked about the Hsu Research subwoofers... we'd go with one the Hsu designs in a heartbeat! Amazing sound, excellent build quality, and they're pretty easy on the wallet, too!

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