Coding in Objective-C 2.0: Free Preview

Posted in Operating Systems on January 13, 2009

Coding in Objective-C 2.0: Free Preview

Objective-C is the programming language for writing native iPhone and Mac applications. It’s also the language that Apple uses to build their own applications and frameworks. So, if you know Objective-C, you have a lot of power at your fingertips. But if you’re new to C or object-oriented programming, then Objective-C can seem a little awkward at first. These screencasts by Bill Dudney, an experienced Objective-C programmer, will help you quickly get up to speed on Objective-C 2.0 basics.

After watching these video tutorials, you’ll be more confident to start writing high-quality iPhone and Mac applications. You’ll feel more comfortable with the Objective-C syntax and object-oriented programming in general. You’ll also be able to manage memory wisely and diagnose common memory problems. You’ll have added yet another programming language to your toolbox, and your resume!

In addition to the videos, you can also download the source code for each episode so you can follow along and experiment on your own.

Watch a free sampler movie of this screencast series.

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