Tekzilla #67: CES Day 1: HD Camcorders, Amazing Headphones, Dual Screen Notebook, Palm Doesn't Suck Anymore!

Posted in Podcasts on January 13, 2009

Ultimate $1500 Headphones, Cheap HD (and YouTube friendly) Camcorders, and a Dual Screen Notebook!

HD Camcorders? Veronica had a whole pile of 'em!

Canon, Vixia HSF10, $1400

JVC, GZ-MS130, $349 and GZ-HD300, $700

Panasonic, HDC-HS300 , $1400

Samsung HMX Rio, $TBA, HMX-106, $TBA

Sony Webbie Cam MHS-CM1, $200


Denon, AHD 7000, Ultra Reference Headphones, $999.

Koss KC25, $30, CC01, $150, KDE250, $250.

Sennheiser, HD800, $1300.

Ultrasone, Edition 8 S-Logic Headphones, $1500

Audioengine, W2 Premium Wireless Adapter for iPod, $170

Samson, Zoom H4n, $349

Tonium, Pacemaker, $550


Clickfree Transformer, $60

Honeywell, Weather@Net Forecasters, $80 - $399.99

Lenmar, PowerPort Hub Universal Charging Station, $60

Lenovo, ThinkPad W700 DS, $3663, Dual Screen Notebook

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