Tekzilla #68: Macworld 2009: iTunes Kills DRM, New MacBook Pro, SlimBlade Trackball, Shure USB Mics, Much More!

Posted in Conferences, Operating Systems, Mobile, Podcasts on January 13, 2009

Steve Jobs wasn't there, but Macworld 2009 brought tons of new tech toys

Macworld 2009: no Steve. It's Apple's last year. Veronica still found lots of products at the show, and we've gathered some of our favorites.

The new new 17 inch MacBook Pro features an extraordinary new battery that promises 8 hours of life, but -isn't- removable! Oh, yeah, it's also the thinnest and lightest 17 inch notebook ever, featuring the same sleek construction as the new MacBooks!

Kensington SlimBlade Trackball costs $130, but Patrick says it brings some amazing control over your Mac or PC without ever lifting your fingertips!

Veronica dropped by the Shure booth and found new earbuds, the $99 SE115, designed to match your iPod nano's color, along some new USB mics like the PG42, $199, and a nifty XLR to USB adapter, the X2u, $129.

There's a new version of the premiere burning software for the Mac, Toast 10 Titanium, $100, adds a host of new features in their new version; we've got some highlights, like its ability to burn HD video to DVDs and quickly build audio books.

Matias' Tune Blocker lets you charge your iPod with a dock connector off a USB jack without the hassle of having iTunes launch.

Anthrocart's eNook desk and gadget charging station, $429, will keep everything organized, while the Elevated Wrap workstation allows you to work seated or standing... the motorized ability to change levels was smooth.

iLife '09, $79, adds a laundry list of features, including Faces, face recognition software in iPhoto, and Places, for geotagging. iMovie looks usable again (Veronica wasn't a fan of the last version) and the image stabilization looks sweet!

Possibly Veronica's favorite houndstooth computer bag: Metro Express, Anthro, $129.

Axiotron now offers a Modbook Pro... a tablet version of the MacBook Pro!

Comply's $80 NR-10 Foam Earbuds are aiming to block out exterior noise while you're listening.

Did somebody say there's a Skype Beta for OS X that implements new features on the Mac, first???

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