Tekzilla #70: CES Day 3: Personal Fuel Cells, Wireless Power and Jim's Weird Products!

Posted in Conferences, Podcasts on January 13, 2009

Our final day at CES features an array of amazing power and portable products... and Jim Louderback has found the weirdest product at CES!

It's our final day from the CES show floor in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Thanks again to

NBC UniversalCES blog, or check their posts out on on twitter.

We've got a ton of products today: mobile, portable and eco power, Jim's weird products and more!

Mobile Tech:

Fuji EnviroMAX Digital Alkaline Battery

Fulton Innovation, eCoupled Products

Microvision, Pico projector

PowerMat wireless power

And more!

Green/Eco Tech

Lenmar, PowerPort Solar Charger for Cell phones

Medis Technologies, Medis 24-7 Xtreme Power Pack, personal portable fuel cell for handheld electronics, $49.

Horizon Fuel Cell, HydroPak and Mini-Pak fuel cells

Jim's Weird Products

Mattel, MindFlex - Fall 09, $79.99

Gizmine.com - FaceBank $44.99, Poking Box $49.99, and Sega Toys Dream Chick $34.99

Yubz, Talk Mobile - Now, $45

Excalibur, SoundMaster Volcano Lamp - Now, $129.99

And more!

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