dnrTV Show #132: Brian Noyes on Prism Events and Commands

Posted in Frameworks, Development on January 22, 2009

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Brian Noyes is back for part 2 of his 2-part series on Microsoft Prism 1.0. He continues on showing events and commands in both WPF and Windows Forms.

Brian Noyes is Chief Architect with IDesign, Microsoft's Regional Director for Virginia and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). Brian's latest book is Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce(TM), for Addison Wesley. Brian publishes articles in a variety of publications and speaks at international conferences and events including Microsoft TechEd US, Europe, and Malaysia, Visual Studio Connections, and DevTeach. Brian is a top-rated speaker on the INETA Speakers Bureau and travels the country frequently speaking to developer user groups. Brian got started with programming to stimulate his brain while flying F-14 Tomcats in the Navy, graduating from Top Gun and U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. You can always find out the latest things Brian is up to through his blog.

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