Tekzilla #71: 240Hz HDTVs, LG Watch Phone, Gesture Controls, Mobile TV, Levar Burton and more!

Posted in Podcasts on March 19, 2009

We've got one last collection of products from CES, from defrag software to new cell phone tech, Josh Topolsky from Engadget and quite a bit more!

We couldn't drag everything we wanted over to the stage for the live shows from CES... so here are the rest of our picks from the show floor at CES 2009!

Thanks again to NBC Universal for sharing their stage and Internet access with us while were at CES 2009!

Sascha Segan, lead Cell Phone Analyst for PCMag.com gives us his take on the Palm Pre (it's really all about the WebOS!), new MobileTV standards, the fact that stereo Bluetooth is dead and his love for the Logic Wireless Bolt.

Creative's Vado HD, $299, records 720p HDTV on a camcorder the size of a deck of cards and can post directly to online video services like YouTube.

Handheld projectors like 3M's MPro 110, $359, were all over the place at CES. With 7 lumens, you'll need a resonably dim room to see the 640x480 video from this projector. In the future, expect the MM 220 module to be built into cell phones.

LG Watch Phone: we don't know if it will ever see production, but the two way video conferencing designed into this phone watch is super tempting! LG says it'll hit the streets in Europe in late 2009! We can haz?

Choose your city in the iFM iPhone app and you'll all the data for whatever is playing on the local FM station you pick. Way cool!

GiiNii's Movit is a mobile social networking device. Powered by the Android OS, it lets you check your favorite social networks anywhere you can tap into a WiFi connection.

Schwinn is back with a pedal assist electric bike. The Tailwind's motors stop working if you aren't pedaling, but when the electric boost kicks in, you'll notice! Schwinn claims it can even help you power up the hills here in San Francisco. The best part? The custom designed Toshiba battery can re-charge in 30 minutes, last 20-25 miles and the battery is warrantied for 2000 charge cycles! Brace yourself, tho, the price tag is $3200.

Diskeeper 2009, $29.95, brings new features to our favorite defragging tool for Windows from Diskeeper's Enterprise version, most notably support for 1TB and larger drives. The new HyperFast SSD Optimizer, $25, adds tools designed to keep solid state disks running at top speed no matter how long you run them.

The Asus Bamboo Series 11 and 12 inch notebooks feature bamboo inserts, LED backlit screen and Core 2 Duo processors, and were almost as slick as the Asus Folding Notebook Demos, where Asus has expertimented with, literally, folding a notebook out of plastic.

Premier Mounts WTFM3765 stood out as the lowest profile HDTV mount we've ever seen at .37 inches deep.

Gefen brought a trio of Wireless HDMI boxes to the show, the Wireless for HDMI Extender uses UltraWideBand, the GefenTV Wireless for HDMI sends 1080p 24 fps or 1080i 60fps over a 5GHz frequency, and the GefenTV Wireless HD Extender offers the ability to carry 8 channel 96Khz LPCM audio... along with a 24Hz 1080p video signal over a 60GHz radio channel

Robert Heron joins us with his HDTV picks from CES 2009. Decreasing cabinet depth has been a big push: Panasonic plans to offer a 1 inch deep plasma panel, moving to a third of an inch in the near future. Broadband Integration, picture resolution improvement... 240Hz Yahoo Widgets being built into TVs.

Schlage is connecting your home locks to the internet, and the new LiNK system uses encrypted ZWave to network their locks in your home, and for $12.99 a month, you'll be able to check on them or lock/unlock them from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Josh Topolsky, the Editor in Chief over at Engadget joined Veronica to talk about what let him down at CES! Sandisk's SlotRadio was near the top of his list of dissapointements, and was joined by Sony's Walkman NWZ-X1000.

nVidia GeForce 3D Vision glasses sound old news.... we've been seeing shutter based '3D glasses' forever, but these glasses, which work only with 120Hz HDTVs, had Veronica enraptured, ready to order a pair for her gaming machine!

Access your files anywhere? Cloude Engines $79 Pogoplug plugs into any USB drive and connects it to the Internet so you can ... access your files anywhere via web interface! They even have a free iPhone app, Pogoplug will ship in March.

HP's Firebird Desktop PC promises smoking performance, good looks and, best of all, almost no noise whatsoever... and to save energy, it'll turn off the GPU and use the onboard graphics card.

Levar Burton? We LOVE Levar Burton, whether he's on the deck of the Enterprise, or hosting Reading Rainbow. His CES obsession? OLED TV screens. He's also in love with Twitter, you can follow him at www.twitter.com/levarburton

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