Tekzilla #72: Geotagging Photos, Powerline vs. WiFi, Free Partitioning Tools, Benchmark Your Mac, More!

Posted in Podcasts on March 20, 2009

Can you stream HD movies over a Powerline Network? GParted, Geotagging Photos: we've got several different ways to do it. Xbench, Will old movies and TV shows look good in Blu-ray?

Wow... CES is really over! We're back home, rarin' to go, and feeling bad for everybody getting laid off with Circuit City closing.

On the upside, we're impossibly stoked about the final half season of Battlestar Galactica... was Sometimes A Great Notion nuts, or what?

Daniel didn't get our excitement over wireless power at CES... we want anywhere thru the air charging, too, but the charging stations (and counters and walls!) are a start!

Free Partitioning Tools... that are non-destructive? Brian, you're going to love GParted, the Gnome Partition Editor. It does non-destructive partitioning, works on just about any drive format you can think off... and has a graphical interface that doesn't cause users to spontaneously burst into tears.

This week's Freebie Download Pick is Xbench, a spiffy free benchmarking tool for OS X. CPU, memory, disk, graphics... find out how much that new hard drive or RAM makes your Mac!

Kevin's wondering if Ethernet over power lines, aka powerline networking would work better than 802.11g for HD content streaming to a PS3. In theory, it should kick ass over 802.11g. Check out HD Streaming Smackdown: Draft 11n vs. Powerline to see where the real world differs from theory.

BTW, we'd use use 802.11n, not 802.11g.

Website We Can't Get Enough Of? Veronica's says save yourself some uncomfortable facetime, and use NiceCritic.com, to tell a co-worker or friend something embarrassing or uncomfortable. Things like "The aroma of alcohol on your breath is apparent, or to "Please refrain from picking at your skin when in the company of others."

Ryan saw the cool geotagging features in iPhoto '09, and he's looking for cameras that include GPS. Answer: there aren't many, tho Veronica found the Nikon Coolpix P6000 has GPS built in for $500, or GE's $200 E1050 (which has a fascinating implementation of GPS ).

For a little bit less money, you can attach a GPS unit to your camera or cable a GPS reciever to your camera to sync coordinates with your pictures.

If you have a GPS device, you can geotag your photos from your track using software like RoboGEO. Or you manually create the data by using Google Earth and Picasa or Geotagger.

Lot's of interesting discussion at the Flickr geotagging group!

"As more and more older Movies and TV Shows get released on Blu-Ray, are we getting upscaled versions that are better than original but not true HD?" Good question, Andrew, and it all depends on the source material, and the quality of the transfer. Must stuff shot on film, which is just about everything made back 'in the day,' has more than enough 'resolution' to make good use of 1080p on Blu-ray!

And, yes, Corey, you are correct. No matter what Patrick said at CES, AAAA batteries are not new!

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