Tekzilla #73: Eye-Fi Explorer, iPhone Battery Packs, Getting Into Linux, Picking Core i7 Memory

Posted in Mobile, Podcasts, Science on March 20, 2009

Wireless photo transfer, triple your iPhone battery life, your first Linux distro, what to watch out for when you build your first Core i7 machine!

"Would you do a review of the Eye-Fi memory cards?" SD/SDHC memory cards with built in WiFi to move JPG photos wirelessly off you camera? Geotagging built in to the Explore model? We tell you all about 'em, Scott!

Bob's looking to build a system around a Core i7 processor... what's the deal with picking DDR 3 memory to go with it? We've got deets, from triple bank to timing issues, to the joy of 6GB of RAM!

iPhone Battery packs: tired of the battery life on the iPhone 3G? You'll love our mini-roundup of batteries from Mophie, FastMac and the not-so-iPhone specific Solio solar chargers.

PC Laptop Recommendation: Richard is leaving the world o' Apple and wants some suggestions on his first laptop in 10 years. Veronica's got a few for him.

And more!

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