Agile Methods and User Centered Design

Posted in Conferences, Graphics, Project Management on March 23, 2009

Agile Methods and User Centered Design

In this presentation filmed during ThoughtWorks’ Quarterly Technology Briefing, Dave Robertson and John Johnston explain what the Agile and User Centered Design’s (UCD) common denominators are, value being the most important one in their opinion.

John Johnston is a senior business analyst with 12 years industry experience. As an agile practitioner and student of UCD, he believes that the customers delight must be bound up in the delight of the end user. Dave Robertson is a senior UCD professional with nearly ten years experience.

About the conference
ThoughtWorks recently began hosting events for Business and IT Leaders as well as technology practitioners to share insight and best practice across the industry. The briefings and the Exec Breakfast series are all grounded in reality - speakers are active practitioners, passionate about their work. The events focus on technology in relation to business issues, rather than being deeply technical.

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