Brian Marick and Micro-Scale Retro-Futurist Anarcho-Syndicalism

Posted in Project Management, Conferences on March 16, 2009

Brian Marick and Micro-Scale Retro-Futurist Anarcho-Syndicalism

Brian Marick discusses what he means by micro-scale-retro-futurist-anachro-syndicalism and why we should go back to the roots of Agile. He talks about what he thinks were the mistakes in the Agile Manifesto, how it has lead to the state of the Agile community today, and how we can build better systems by making them so that they are much more easily tested.

Brian Marick (,, was a programmer, tester, and team lead in the 80's, a testing consultant in the 90's, and is an Agile consultant this decade. He is one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto, the author of three books (The Craft of Software Testing, Everyday Scripting with Ruby, and RubyCocoa) and a bunch of articles.

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