Community-Based Innovation: From Sports Equipment to Software

Posted in Conferences on March 16, 2009

Community-Based Innovation: From Sports Equipment to Software

In this presentation recorded during OOPSLA 2008, Sonali K. Shah talks about innovations produced by community users. Contrary to the general perception, most innovations are not created by firms but by individuals. Shah offers the details of a study of innovations in sports equipments and also talks about open source and gated community innovations in software.

Sonali K. Shah is an Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. Her research examines the social structures that support innovation and entrepreneurship. She is particularly interested in the process by which individuals outside of firms and research institutions access the resources and information needed to develop innovative ideas.

About the conference
Starting in 1986, OOPSLA Conference has proven to be the cradle of many techniques and methodologies that have become mainstream over the years: OOP, Patterns, AOP, XP, Unit Testing, UML, Wiki, and Refactoring. Gaining its prestige with 3 academic tracks, OOPSLA Conference has managed to attract researchers, educators and developers every year. The event is sponsored by ACM.

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