Code Conversations: Kevin Marks - Full Version, Part 1

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Web Technologies, Development on March 23, 2009

Kevin Marks is the author of the popular blog Epeus Epigone. In his 20-year long career, he played a major role in the development of live streaming video as a member of the Quicktime team at Apple, founded the Multimedia Corporation and as Principal Engineer at Technorati, built the spiders that make sense of the web and track millions of blogs daily. Today, in addition to being a developer advocate for OpenSocial, he is also one of the co-founders and a driving force for Microformats.

Brad Neuberg is a developer advocate at Google for the Open Web. He has created a number of libraries and frameworks for expanding the capabilities of web applications and is a core member of the Dojo project. He blogs at

Part 2 is available here.


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