PixelPerfect #114: Lightroom 2 Tips and Tricks

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on March 18, 2009

Learn how to apply localized correction to your images in the greatly improved Adobe Lightroom 2 by watching a tour of features from Frederick Johnson.

Frederick Johnson joins Bert this week to give a demonstration of the all-new features in Lightroom 2. He claims that 90% of his general photo editing can be done with this single piece of software, due to an improved localized correction process for dodging and burning, sharpness, saturation, and more, applied by painting directly on your image.  Here are some of the features discussed in this episode:

Use Gradient Tool to apply changes to a sky
Frederick uses  a photo of Death Valley to demonstrate saturation of the sky using Lightroom2's gradient tool, located in the Histogram panel, which allows you to select only the desired parts of the image. Click and drag on your image to apply settings. These will be non-destructive changes that can be removed later.

Use Auto Mask in Expert Mode to apply changes to a local area
In expert mode, which can be accessed by a switch in the Histogram panel, you're given many other options to change your image, such as exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity, and sharpness. You can pre-define these options before using the "Auto Mask" feature, which is considered magic to Frederick. This feature allows you to make intelligent decisions of where to apply the adjustment. You can see the changes as you paint directly onto the image, and the high contrast edges stay in place.

Quick Collection
This is a temporary area where you can store images that you'd like to return to for future work. Filing through hundreds of images after a photoshoot becomes an easier process. 

Create multiple versions of images without using up disk space
Lightroom 2 allows one image to be referenced in "virtual copies", storing only instructions to change the graphic instead of storing multiple image files.


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