PixelPerfect #115: Lightroom 2 User Interface

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on March 18, 2009

Photographer Frederick Johnson is back to discuss more Lightroom 2 features and a detailed tour of the new user interface. Learn best practices in making your image search and cataloging experience most efficient.

Organize and view images within the Library
The Lightroom 2 application is flexible and conforms to the way you like to work. When in the Library screen, your left column contains source information of where your images are located. The middle column is displays the images in grid mode, full screen mode, compare mode, or survey mode. In the right column, you can set instructions to modify the images of your choice.

Best practices for image searches
Search results are improved by applying flags and keywords are associated with your images. In addition, you can also search by metadata, file name, title, caption, and more. This functionality was also included in Lightroom 1, but the search interface has been improved in this release, also allowing the user to save search results for future use.

Image modification in the Develop panel
In the Develop panel, you get a column on the left where your presets hold image correction instructions. You can apply and see changes to your photographs here. A new feature in Lightroom 2 is a non-destructive vignetting filter, included to darken edges of your photograph for artistic purposes.

To try Lightroom 2 without buying, you can download a 30 day demo from Adobe at no cost.

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