Tekzilla #74: Windows 7 Rocks, Videogames Without the Disk, Windows Home Server Challenge, Race CarPC 101

Posted in Operating Systems, Mobile, Podcasts on March 21, 2009

Dump your cable modem for WiMAX? iSquint, FeedFlix, Windows 7 Beta: better than Vista. HP MediaSmart Server vs. DIY = Windows Home Server Challenge.

Our buddy from Garnett Lee joins us... Veronica's traveling this week!

Garnett's in love with his G1 Android cell phone... and he's totally stoked about Cupcake!

A low power PC to put in a race car, say, for navigation and engine monitoring? Heat is less of an issue than vibration, Rusty, and power consumption on mini-itx/microATX motherboards varies a lot, 'cause they can mount anything from a Via processor to the latest core-2 duos... but it'll still be a lot less than a single 10 inch driving light!

Check out Mini-Box or MP3Car.com for more ideas for Car PCs!

This week's Freebie Download is iSquint, a fast OS X tool that will take almost any video format under the sun and convert into an iPod compatible format.

"Can you do a segment on Windows Home Server showing how it works, building your own or using an HP MediaSmart Server?" Sure, Scott!

Matter of fact, HP challenged us to build up something better from scratch, so welcome to the Windows Home Server Challenge, brought to you by the HP MediaSmart Server, powered by Microsoft Windows Home Server!

This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough of!" is FeedFlix, the ultimate accessory for any Netflix account. FeedFlix tracks you stats, will email you if you've kept a movie for too long, will tell you how much you pay per movie (with and without your Instant Watch activity), let you access all your reviews in a single page, and more!

Windows 7 Beta? Patrick and Roger are digging it, even on slower machines! We walk you thru the new toolbar, libraries, the device stage and more on the show!

Garnett gives us the heads up on Windows 7 gaming, too!

Join Veronica, Patrick, Roger and Serafina in our GoToMeeting... just sign up for GoToMeeting using the code Tekzilla, and join us Friday, February 6th at 10AM PST!

Zach wants to ditch his current Internet connection for a wireless connection... should he hold out for WiMAX, or go with EVDO?

"Is there a legal way to play PC games without the CD or DVD in the drive?" Have you thought about an online game service like Steam or Stardock's Impulse? Generally, Eric, there's no legit way to of getting around games that require a CD/DVD in the drive... but it can be done.

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