Tekzilla #75: Veronica Rocks the Kindle 2, Free Encryption, 7" USB Monitor, Windows Server Add-Ins, Core i7 Going Mobile, DingItsUp.com!

Posted in Podcasts on March 22, 2009

Can you cure a Broken Ethernet Port? New Notebook: should I wait for Core i7 Mobile? NanoVision MiMo 7 inch USB Monitor, Wubi, Unetbootin, PuppyLinux, Mint Linux

Amazon's announced the thinner lighter kindle2 ebook, $359, and Veronica's got her credit card ready to go ... she read Anathem on the original... find out why she loves the kindle2 on the show!

Use Google Calendar? Got a Windows Mobile handheld or iPhone? You'll be thrilled that Google Mobile Sync!

Ehternet port broken on your friend's notebook, Oliver? That's a tough fix, but we've got some ideas for you!

Our Freebie File o' The Week is Free File is AxCrypt, a free and easy way to drop 128-bit AES encryption onto any file on your Windows machine. It won't do folders or drives but if you need keep a few files secure without a hassle, then check outAxCrpyt!

Announcements for little 7 inch USB monitors have been getting posted all over the Internet... we got one in for testing. MiMo's UM-710 costs $130, gets both power and video from a pair of USB ports (it uses DisplayLink technology so it works with Windows and OS X) and works great for a few control panels or an app like TweetDeck. The killer app, tho, might be using the UM0740, which packs a touchscreen, to control a CarPC or Home Theater box!

Website We Can't Get Enough Of: Dingitsup.com! This is definitely one of those sites that doesn't do much, but it does it's one job incredibly well. Ding It's Up will tell you, either by text message, email or Twitter, that the website of your choosing has either gone down, or alternately, popped back up again!

The Windows Home Server is brought to you by the HP MediaSmart Server powered by Microsoft Windows Home Server... on this episode, Roger goes over the parts for his Windows Home Server along with setting up and installing the WHS, while Patrick talks about Windows Home Server Add-Ins.

TKTK Robert came calling for advice for the Linux Noob, and, true to form, you guys had the best responses! Your top picks included the Wubi installer for Windows, Unetbootin, which creates bootable Live USB drives for a variety of Linux distributions from Windows or Linux, without requiring you to burn a CD either. Puppy Linux boots live from a thumdrive or disk, and can run entirely in RAM, while Mint Linux has built-in media codecs, and is constantly updated.

Thanks for all the great info, Linux Peeps!

Should Riyad wait for Core i7 to buy his next notebook? Depends on how bad he needs a new notebook... Intel's mobile version of the Core i7, aka "Clarsfield" won't be going mobile till the second half of 2009 at the earliest!

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What woman doesn't like a gift with another woman's face on it! OK, maybe Veronica's new custom Tea Blend at Bearonica's Berry Zinger would be a better gift for the boys out there on Valentine's day. No?

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