Tekzilla #76: Pocket HD Camcorder Roundup, $2 DIY Tripod, YouTube HD Problems, Fix Windows w/ One Free App!

Posted in Podcasts on March 22, 2009

How good is a $200 HD Camcorder? We've got Creative's Vado, Flip's mino HD and Kodak's Zi6! Tip Of My Tongue .... find that word you just can't remember. Recycling Alkaline Batteries. Your WHS Questions!

Stuttering jerky HD content on YouTube? Bummer, Zach! His machine is more than capable, our big question is if he's got the bandwidth to maintain a constant bitrate to stream. It could also be Flash player issues, a bad video encode, or problems with your browser... try re-installing Flash and updating your browser first!

Then download the video you're having problems with using a service like KEEPVID.com or browser plugin to save the clips to your desktop. If they play fine there, chances are you have a problem with your Internet connection.

A DIY tripod for your pocket camera or camcorder for less than 2 bucks? It's the Soda Bottle Tripod!

Freebie Download? This week's pick is WinPatrol. Plenty of things need tweaking in Windows. All to often they require you to run one more app to tweak. Enter WinPatrol. This handy little program lets you perform a multitude of PC maintenance and modding tasks through a simple user interface. File Type Associations, Cookie Filters, Managing Startup Programs, Delaying the launch of apps to speed up startup... it does way to much to mention here... just download it and check it out!

Pocket HD Camcorders? The Creative Vado HD Flip mino HD and the Kodak Zi6 all street under or around $200, capture 720p video and fit in your pocket. Which one captures the best looking audio and video? Which one is the best for you? Watch the show to find out!

Website We Can't Get Enough Of: This week's pick is Tip Of My Tongue a web app you'll be praising when it helps you remember that word you've been trying to think of for hours!

Our Windows Home Server Challenge, brought to you by HP's MediaSmart Server powered by Microsoft Windows Home Server continues with raft of your questions... everything from setting up a common iTunes library, remote backup, if the WHS OS supports software RAID, and why you need to be careful when you add new hard drives to a WHS box!

Where are the benchmark numbers, Patrick??? Our top transfer has been 10.992 megabytes per second... aka 87.83 megabits per second... which seems kinda low is the top speed so far... so I'm re-doing a bunch of testing!

Last week Veronica thought the new multiple inboxes in Gmail were The Big Lame... she still does (multiple inboxes from multiple address's please!) but likes the kluge that Paul sent in to help Gmail "almost do what people want!"

"What is the proper way to recycle alkaline and other electronic items." Great question, Mark! Unfortunately, you'll have to search around your hometown of Cheyenne, Wy. While there are tons of places that recycling old electronics and -especially- rechargeable batteries, recycling Alkaline batteries and other electronic goodies can be a lot tougher, and it varies a lot from state to state and town to town.

The Battery Disposal Guide for Households and Call2Recycle's website can be a big help, as can calling your local recycle/refuse hauler and electronics shops.

In theory, most modern Alkaline batteries can go into the dump 'cause they no longer have mercury in them... we'd love to hear any and all suggestions of ways to recycle them properly instead! Email your ideas to tekzilla@revision3.com. Thanks!

We love your email questions, but we love video questions even more! Just keep it to 15 secs, upload to your YouTube account and send us the link in an email with "Video Question" in the subject line.

One last thing: Checkout Veronica's magical blend of taste and refreshment, "Bearonica's Berry Zinger" tea, at Adagio.com/Tekzilla. Adagio also has teapots, teaware and other unique loose leaf teas. Check 'em out!

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