Systm #93: UPS + Car Battery = More Computing (Or a 48 Hour Disco Ball?!?)

Posted in Podcasts on March 24, 2009

UPS Hack! Take the tiny battery out of your Uninteruptible Power Supply and replace it with a car battery: you get to run your UPS for a lot longer, and potentially melt your face!

Uninterruptible power supplies are a great for maintaining power to a PC during a black out or brown out.

Unfortunately most UPS's pack tiny batteries that last just a few minutes before they drain. That's great for saving out files and shutting down. It's not so good for working on and on while the power is out.

Quite a few of you have written in about using a car battery with your UPS... we don't recommend it, but we walk you thru the project in this episode!

And, yes, we do have a Disco Ball ready to run on emergency power.... tho we really want to swap in a pair of deep cycle batteries before we leave the disco ball spinning all weekend.

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