Tekzilla #77: Veronica vs. Cornify! Internet TV vs. Bandwidth Cap, NASA Interview: Your Hubble Questions, 8 Megapixel Cell Phone

Posted in Podcasts on March 24, 2009

New Cell Phones from Mobile World Congress, Pick Hubble's Next Mission, Recycle Anything With Earth911, Veronica vs. Cornify, Rechargable Battery Recco!

"What can I expect to happen now that I'm using my Internet for my sole means of television?" Great question from Daniel, especially given his ISP's miserly 40GB per month bandwidth cap. We run the number on Hulu, Revision3, Netflix and their ilk... barring a serious 8 hour a day HD video addiction, we think Daniel's probably going to do OK.

We're also feeling much better about our ISP's 250GB cap!

Want to turn the Kbps a video stream is measured into the GB your ISP caps you with? Patrick recommends the Forret.com Bandwidth Conversion Calculator!

The Dropkick Murphys rocked live, in case you were wondering. Patrick and Veronica have some good emergency earplug tricks for the next time you find yourself sans ear protection at a punk rock show.

Freebie Software: This week's pick is Duplicate Cleaner: just select the drive or folder you wish to rid of duplicated files, adjust (if you wish) search parameters based on file info, even preview images before you delete 'em. It's a super effective and super free way to ensure your make the most of your limited hard drive space!

Cell phones? GSMA Mobile World Congress is where big announcements in the cell phone industry get dropped! Our fave cell phone expert, Sascha Segan joins us with the big stories from the Barcelona conference!

We're talking 8 Megapixel Cell Phone Cameras, the return of Windows Mobile, and even some insider info on the difficulty of developing with Google Android!

This Week's Website We Can't Get Enough Of is Cornify, the Internet's #1 resource for unicorns and rainbows, and something that has to be seen to be believed... it will brighten up any website!

Spiral Galaxy: NGC 5172... Star-Forming Region: NGC 6334... Interacting Galaxies: Arp 274.... are three of six potential missions listed at YouDecide.HubbleSite.org: NASA's letting you vote on the Hubble Telescope's next mission!

And NASA were kind enough to loan us an astronomer, Dr. Frank Summers, to answer the Hubble Space Telescope questions you sent in!

Last week Mark was on the hunt for a place to recycle alkaline batteries and electronics around Cheyenne WY... Andrew, wrote in "I stumbled upon a Earth911.comrecently when I was trying to find out where I could recycle some old computers and cds. They have all the local recycling places for electronics and just about anything else recyclable. Hope this helps..." It did! Earth911 is an amazing resource. Thanks Andrew!

Speaking of batteries... we got an email from Chad, a sailor that can't believe we're not using rechargable batteries in our studio, and is wondering just what in the heck we're running here! Don't worry, Chad, Patrick loves his Energizer e2 Rechargable batteries almost as much as you do... and we're looking into breaking TV tradition and checking out rechargables. Back in the NiCad days, tho, they just wouldn't cut it.

Looking for a magical blend of taste and refreshment? Then check out Veronica's custom Tea Blend, Bearonica's Berry Zinger is just the thing.... check it out at Adagio.com/Tekzilla!

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