Tekzilla #78: Transfer DVR Recordings To Your PC, Super AntiSpyware, Watchmen Ruled Wondercon!

Posted in Podcasts on March 24, 2009

DVRs Without Subscriptions Fees, Dump That VCR! When To Retire Rechargeable Batteries, BuzzFeed.com, Consoles and Surround Sound Speakers!

How do you transfer Digital Video Recorder recordings to your PC? Chances are, you'll need to use the 'analog loophole" especially if it's a cable or satellite box, even tho it sounds like you'll be able to plug that eSATA drive right into your PC after you load it up!

Getting surround sound out of your xbox and into... PC speakers? Is such a thing possible? Sure... but you might have to buy more hardware if your speakers won't decode Dolby Digital or include a built power amps.

Watchmen (the movie): They showed the first 20 minutes at WonderCon 2009, where very own resident curmudgeon, Roger Chang, was a) thrilled by the preview and b) got busy photographing the cosplay.

You can find Roger's pictures on his Wondercon 2009 Flickr feed, and here's a link for more from the United Underworld crew from UC Berkeley!

What's your favorite way to organize photos? Patrick's been re-organizing a vast messy collection of 3 years of photos by date and subject, and he's curious how other folks do it. Email your ideas to tekzilla@revision3.com, with 'organizing photos' in the subject line! Thanks!

Freebie Download Pick: This week's pick is Super AntiSpyware, a simple no nonsense spyware cleaner will scrub your Windows drives from top to bottom filtering out registered offenders and removing them.

Did somebody mention using external drives with DVR boxes so you can record more movies? Attaching an external 750GB drive to Patrick's DirecTV HR21 made it useful for recording HD movies - he could record close to 3X as much!- but he's ready to go to a 1.5TB or 2.0TB hard drive as quick as he can!

Another Website We Can't Get Enough Of: BuzzFeed.com! If Veronica puts a link on Twitter these days, and it's not technology-related, chances are she found it on BuzzFeed. This site is a repository for memes on the internet, from videos about to go viral to adorable pictures of great danes licking kittens, to some of the breaking world news and gossip that's heating up the tubes.

Cahill's looking for something to replace the VCR he uses to record a few hours of TV every week. He doesn't want to pay a monthly fee, so TiVo is out, and VCR/DVD recorders seem clunky... he wants to get away from needing stacks of blank media. Veronica's vote is to turn a computer into Home Theater PC that can act as a Digital Video Recorder.

Elgato EyeTV is the way to go on OS X, Windows Media Center is available for XP and Vista and does a great job as a DVR. Other decent Windows options include Yahoo! Go for TV and SnapSteam's Beyond TV.

Thinking DVR for Linux? MythTV, the Open Source DVR is the way to go... Systm even did a whole episode on building a Free Media Center From A Junk PC.

Want more free DVR software ideas?

When is it time to retire rechargeable batteries? Lauren, we've got some ideas for you, and, frankly, we're annoyed with having to pry batteries of of remote controls and other devices, too! If you do have to pry, a spudger can be a lot less painful than using your nails!

Andrew mailed in with some info on how much bandwidth he's consuming after dumping satellite TV for getting all his TV over his Internet connection: 21GB a month, watching 4-5 hours of TV a day via Hulu, Netflix, Revision3 (on the Adobe Media Player), along with "several racing torrents that are not available in the US." Thanks, Andrew... we bet you're not watching a ton of HD!

Looking for a magical blend of taste and refreshment? Then check out Veronica's custom Tea Blend, Bearonica's Berry Zinger is just the thing.... check it out at Adagio.com/Tekzilla!

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