Tekzilla #79: New Digital Camera Tech, Great Camera = $109, Fix Disks For Free, Webinmail, Back Up Your Data!

Posted in Podcasts on March 24, 2009

Should you spin down Hard Drives? Descratching CDs and DVDs, New Cameras from PMA 2009, Lightbox Free Image Editor, View web pages in Email, Zardoz!

If you haven't backed up your most important files... do it. Right now. Seriously. While you're watching. Go!!!

Watchmen movie hype meter check: Veronica and Roger loved it. (AndiFanboy interviewed the cast!)

Is there an advantage to spinning down your hard drives, Will? You'll save a few watts of energy, for sure... we could argue about how much wear and tear you'll save! (Especially since one of your five drives, the WD VelociRaptor has a MTBF of 1.4 million hours, or almost 160 years!)

More importantly if your run a PC with a lot of components crammed inside you can cut down on HEAT.

This week's Freebie download pick is the LightBox Free Digital Image Editor! You can snap a dozen digital pictures in seconds, but correcting them can take forever, especially if you're intimidated by traditional photo editing tools like Photoshop, the GIMP, or Paint.NET., you should check out LightBox Free. The 'Quick Edit' mode in this imaged editor is amazingly easy to use, thanks to easy to use sliders and real time corrections... it even works with RAW files!

Digital camera maven Lori Grunin has the word on new camera tech coming out this year... she's back from PMA 2009, the biggest convention in digital imaging!

Get more PMA 2009 news, and Lori's Best 5 Digital Cameras.

Lori's pick for the best budget digital camera under $200? It costs $109 online, takes amazing pictures, and it's the Canon PowerShot A590 IS .

This week's Website We Can't Get Enough Of is Webinmail... it does one thing, and does it well: sends you web pages to your Outlook, Outlook Express or Blackberry device! What's so cool about that? How about browsing a website or running a search at work or school that you don't want people to know about!

Do CD/DVD Radial Cleaners really work? Are motorized cleaners ($200) worth the money or can I get away with a manual cleaner ($15)? Jason, if you're talking cleaning CDs, don't spend a dime. Just get a soft cloth and, well, watch the show for some ideas on what to use for cleaning fluid!

If you're removing scratches from the surface of a disk, we go with one of two basic tools: toothpaste and a soft cloth, or an inexpensive motorized tool like the SkipDr... tho we covet one of RTI's DiscCheck Repair Systems... they're only, what $6000 or so!

Speaking of getting batteries of your remotes (and other devices)... Elias and Super Stevo wrote in with a very handy tip: wrap some Scotch tape around the batteries to make little pull tabs!

Hey video game fans!! Revision 3 is excited to announce our latest show,Co-Op, a brand new show all about video games from the guys who brought you the 1UP video game show. Each week they will gather a group of top video game journalists and developers to talk everything games. Check it out every Tuesday at Revison3.com!

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