Tekzilla #80: HDTV Antenna Help, Windows 7 Wants 8GB of Memory! Backup iTunes, Get Songs Off an iPod, Free Recovery Software, Manage Your Social Networks From a Single App!

Posted in Podcasts on March 24, 2009

Get the best OTA reception for DTV or HDTV, update all your social networking sites at once! Avoid disaster: backup your iTunes music, copy the tunes off your iPod and build a custom recovery CD! Plus, does Windows 7 Need 8GB of Memory?

Getting quality over the air (OTA) HD reception is heavily dependent on the antenna that you have and your location. A good resource to checkout is AntennaWeb. Put together by the CEA and NAB it locates the right antenna you need for you particular geographic location.

Apple released yet another new iPod Shuffle. This third generation iPod Shuffle sports and even slimmer profile and uses a very unique set of earbuds/headphones which makes using non 3rd gen specific earphones incompatible with the device. The reason? The controls for the pint sized music player are now located on the headphone cord.

Tim had a question about which antenna pick that would best receive over the air (OTA) HD reception for his HDTV. Now getting quality over the air (OTA) HD reception is heavily dependent on the antenna that you have and your location. A good resource to checkout is AntennaWeb. Put together by the CEA and NAB it locates the right antenna you need for you particular geographic location.

This week's Freebie File is Macrium Reflect FREE Edition. This handy little tool makes creating disk images a snap and if you need to burn out a system restore CD Macrium Reflect FREE Edition gives you the option of creating either a Linux based one or through the use of a BartPE plug-in and BartPE boot CD.

Orad was worried about losing his iTunes collection and wanted to know ho to backup his iTunes library. Veronica suggested getting an external hard drive that can hold the contents of your entire library. Unless youlike burning CD or DVD after CD or DVD. You'll also want to copy the entire contents of the iTunes folder, including the Album Art folder and iTunes Music Library.xml file. This is of course assuming that you have the "Keep iTunes folder organized" and "Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library" check in the iTunes preferences.

Speaking of iTunes Nathan wanted to clear away the detritus that now fills his iPod Nano and start fresh. Thankfully the process is pretty painless. Literally plug your iPod into your computer, launch iTunes, then select your iPod under 'devices'. Now in the middle of the summary page you'll see a button labeled restore. Click that button and you'll have a iPod that's back to it's original factory settings. Be warned you will permanently delete all your music off the device!! Make sure you have a backup!

Movie Of The Week is  I Like Killing Flies... watch it for free if you take a no-risk two week free trial membership at www.netflix.com/tekzilla!

This week's Website We Can't Get Enough Of The Vintage Web. The Vintage Web is Veronica's latest web endeavor shamelessly promoted on today's show. This Tumblr blog points out those websites with outdated and garish designs that showcase why people should take a design class before the build a website. Subsisting on the submissions of readers, who can send in your picks to thevintageweb@gmail.com. And did I mention this is a shameless self-promotion effort by Veronica Belmont?

"Is there a single application or widget to be able to do one post and send it to Blogger, Facebook and Twitter ? That way you only have to post once, and it shows up on these multiple platforms ? Mac or Windows version." Great question, David! Veronica says Ping.FM is the natural choice, given that you need to work with Blogger. It will let you update about a million different ways, including IM, TXT and email, or just by visiting the ping.fm site and typing in your status update. Then you can choose which other social networks you want ping to relay the message to.

For the non-Blogger people, HelloTxt is another great microblogging syndication tool. It'll even let your schedule when you want your updates to go out!

Patrick's still wading thru the giant dogpile of responses to his question for the audience about organizing photo collections. A lot of folks love iPhoto and Picasa... but the strongest responses are from folks that want him to move to Aperture, or Lightroom.

In the words of viewer Paul, " Organizing by files is sooo old school and last century. It's time to move forward into the future by harnessing the power of the database! It's the difference between thinking about items individually vs. thinking about them as part of a collection. Let iPhoto worry about where files go and how they are organized on your hard drive. "

Thanks for all your responses!

4GB of CL4 DDR2-800 or 8GB of CL5 DDR2-800... Nick, you should go for the 8 GB of memory. It's almost the same price, and if you move to 64-bit Vista -or Windows 7- you should get a delightful boost in performance, especially if you use lots of memory hungry applications.

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