MIX06: Designing a Better User Experience with AJAX and "Atlas"

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This session explores best practices for designers who are tackling the real challenges of building AJAX-style user experiences on the Web. Learn about designing richer user experiences directly from the Windows Live Local and "Atlas" development teams. Explore how the "Atlas" controls and components remove the complexity from designing rich, interactive experiences, and help you build AJAX-style applications more quickly.

Brad Abrams
Brad Abrams was a founding member of both the Common Language Runtime, and .NET Framework teams at Microsoft Corporation where he is currently the Group Program Manager for the UI Framework and Services team which is responsible for delivering the developer platform that spans both clients and web based applications as well as the common services that are available to all applications. Specific technologies owned by this team include ASP.NET and Windows Forms. Brad has been designing parts of the .NET Framework since 1998 when he started his framework design career building the BCL (Base Class Library) that ship as a core part of the .NET Framework. Brad was also the lead editor on the Common Language Specification (CLS), the .NET Framework Design Guidelines and the libraries in the ECMA\ISO CLI Standard. Brad has been deeply involved with the WinFX and Windows Vista efforts from their beginning.

Rick Spencer
Rick Spencer is the Group User Experience Manger for Virtual Earth. He earned his Master's degree is in Human Factors in 1999, and has been working in usability and user experience at Microsoft since 1998. He has an extensive background in both web experience and developer experience, contributing to such a diverse set of products as Windows Live Local and Visual C#. He is an active contributor to Microsoft's user experience training and excellence programs, as well as the CHI community.

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