MIX06: From "Username and Password" to InfoCard

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Security, Development on March 23, 2009

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InfoCard can bring a new level of security to authenticating users to your site. In this session, take a deep developer look at how this can be achieved. A traditional forms-based authentication implementation is converted to use InfoCard, along with explanations of the Web services, protocols, and security considerations that one needs to understand.

Richard Turner

Garrett Serack
As an independent software development consultant in Calgary, Canada for the last 15 years, Garrett has assisted clients in fields such as government,telecom, petroleum and railways. Mentoring his clients on replicable and profitable software development techniques, he has helped them acheive their goals on time and on budget. After joing Microsoft in Redmond in the fall of 2005, Garrett is now focused on fueling the adoption of "InfoCard" by providing developers with access to the technology, documentation and assistance they require.

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