MIX06: IIS7 As a Developer Platform

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Operating Systems, Companies, Development on March 23, 2009

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Discover a new world of opportunity for Web developers. Using modules, written in native or managed code, you can implement entirely new capabilities for IIS 7 and the Web applications it delivers. In this session, see how modules can change the client experience for all Web sites simultaneously without any modification to code on the site level. In addition, see what IIS 7's .NET integrated pipeline means for security, configuration, and integration of your applications into a truly extensible Web platform.

Thomas Deml
Thomas Deml is a Lead Program Manager for the Internet Information Services (IIS) team. He and his team own the heart of IIS 7.0 - in short the web-server run-time, security, performance and reliability and programmability of IIS. A 14-year Microsoft veteran, Thomas started at Microsoft as a program language specialist in Product Support Services and Microsoft Consulting, Germany before he joined the IIS development team in 2000.

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