MIX06: Making Your Site Work with IE7 Security

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Security, Development on March 23, 2009

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This session takes a deep look at the enhancements in IE7 that make users safer. Site developers will be interested to learn about the opportunities provided by High Assurance Security Certificates and InfoCard as well as the potential impact of new features like the Phishing Filter and changes to SSL handling. Add-in developers and sites that use add-ins will want to learn about how Protected Mode and ActiveX Opt-in affect controls.

Rob Franco
Rob Franco dares to believe that software and sites can be feature rich and safe to use. Rob led the design of security improvements and corresponding compatibility workarounds in IE7, IE6 for Windows XP SP2, and IE6 for Windows Server 2003. Before security, Rob built his campy "make it work safe" philosophy designing corporate deployment features for Group Policy and the Internet Explorer Administration Kit. When he's not working, Rob can usually be found cycling around the Seattle area, boating on a nearby lake or sleeping in an airport terminal.

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