MIX06: Powering E-Commerce with PayPal

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Companies, Development on March 23, 2009

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The Commerce Starter Kit for ASP.NET 2.0 is a free, open source application built from the ground up on ASP.NET 2.0. It includes a storefront, shopping cart, order management system and many other features required to sell products online. It comes pre-integrated with PayPal Pro and can be extended to support other payment systems as well. In this presentation, Rob Conery, the creator of the Commerce Starter Kit, gives an overview of the project and shows how you can extend it to meet your specific needs using the Data Provider Model available in ASP.NET 2.0.

Rob Conery
Rob Conery is Technical Director of WekeRoad where he specializes in value-driven software production for a diverse client base which include Fortune 50 companies and startups alike. Rob has been working with the Microsoft toolset for the last 14 years and was recently nominated as a Microsoft MVP for his work with the Commerce Starter Kit for ASP.NET 2.0. Rob has been working closely with PayPal over the last two years, helping introduce the PayPal Webservices API to the .NET community. In addition to creating PayPal's solutions directory (http://solutions.paypal.com), Rob was a major contributor to O'Reilly's PayPal Hacks (2005) and is a frequent poster to the PayPal Developer Forum.

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