MIX06: Today's Identity Crisis, and the Identity Metasystem

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on March 23, 2009

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The Identity Metasystem is a framework for a new internet-level identity system proposed by Microsoft and industry partners. It addresses the challenges users face with online security, identity theft, and the complexity of managing multiple identities. This session presents Microsoft's vision for the Identity Metasystem, which is then discussed by a panel of industry luminaries in conjunction with questions from the audience.

Johannes Ernst
Johannes Ernst is the CEO of NetMesh Inc., which develops a Web 2.0 software platform including a decentralized identity layer. He's one of the originators of LID(tm) -- Light-Weight Identity(tm) -- and also, together with Six Apart, of Yadis(tm), the open-source interoperability layer for URL-based digital identity.

Kim Cameron

Paul Trevithick
Social Physics
In the last few years my work has focused on creating open source infrastructure for the "social web." A user-centered networking layer that gives people more control over their digital identities across a wide variety of computer mediated contexts (e.g. email, IM, e-commerce, shared spaces, and enterprise directories). As part of SocialPhysics.org, I'm the architect of Higgins, a user-centric trust framework hosted at Eclipse.org (http://elipse.org/higgins) and co-creator with Phil Windley and others of the Identity Gang (http://identitygang.org).

Stefan Brands
Dr. Stefan Brands has been active in user-centric identity management since 1992. He is the president of www.credentica.com, a former adviser to www.privcom.gc.ca, and an Adjunct Professor at crypto.cs.mcgill.ca. In the latter role he co-supervises graduate students conducting research on digital identity and privacy. Stefan is a principal member of two R&D consortia that examine identity and privacy issues, www.anonequity.org and www.cosic.esat.kuleuven.be/adapid. He is the author of www.credentica.com/the_mit_pressbook.php and maintains a blog on digital identity at www.idcorner.org.

Hilary Ward

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